LECRAE: ‘It’s Me Against The (Hip Hop) World’ – Doin’ It Hard For The Glory Of God


I don’t know about you but usually when I think about the idea of Living For The Glory Of God, I think about singing a Chris Tomlin worship song maybe with my hands raised, and maybe a Louie Giglio talk.  Neatly pressed, familiar.  Suburban.

Now, what comes to your mind when you think about Hip Hop?  Exactly.  Now think about Hip Hop & The Glory Of God, doesn’t it seem like oil and water coming together.  Two things that should just remain separate.

Well enter Lecrae, an Atlanta-based Christian Hip Hop Rapper.  Who is single-handedly taking on the Hip Hop World.  In fact his retort to the hip hop world in his new single, “Chase That (Ambition)” is:

“Ay you can have the money, And you can have the fame
But me I want the Glory, I’m livin for the Name”

So move over.  Chris Tomlin.  Move over Louie Giglio.  Move over John Piper.  There’s a new voice rising, that’s extending beyond the conference halls of suburban audiences.  His name is Lecrae.

I loved the lyrics from the rest of the song I quoted above.  Definitely worth a read:


I’ll tell you whats better, or better yet worse
Chasin your own glory by doin the Lord’s work
So holla if it hurts
But we were made for greater
Our greatest satisfaction is making His Name famous
So if we’re never named among the greatest, (or) they don’t critically acclaim us
Aint nothing to be ashamed of
We gave it up for the Savior”


Say no more.

I’m a new Lecrae fan.


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