MARTIN SMITH: ‘Delirious Getting Back Together!’

We just found out the news of the decade!   Iconic Christian Worship Band Delirious is getting back together!  And their first album back will feature all original material.

No word yet on a possible title for the album.  Get your tickets ready, because word is there’ll be a World Tour too.

for more information email:

*a guy can dream right?


5 Comments to “MARTIN SMITH: ‘Delirious Getting Back Together!’”

  1. Not even funy if you’re leaving this is a joke. Really? Delirious is easliy my favorite Christian Rock/Worship band. Don’t yank all my fellow d: fans!!!

  2. Second thought, this is wishful thinking…. let me know if you fin out anything hat’s for real about Delirious? getting back together. 🙂

  3. Hey, Jesus Saves777,
    Yeah, I was just kidding around. Sorry about that.

  4. If only this were true my friend…. maybe it will soon?

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