PASSION CONFERENCE’S Kristian Stanfill Teams Up With Brandon Heath For New ‘Leaving Eden Tour’ Spring 2011


Just found out that Kristian Stanfill’s teaming up with recording artist Brandon Heath for the new Spring 2011 “Leaving Eden Tour.”  Heath just released his latest album by the same name, a week ago to wide acclaim.


Cities include Waco,TX, Panama City Beach, FL and Omaha,NE.


Stanfill’s star is definitely rising, 2 songs of his new album, Mountains Move, really signalled a big turn for me in his songwriting ability.  “Day After Day” and “Always”  are seriously two exceptional songs, especially live.  To me they are of the calibre you’d expect from David Crowder Band or Chris Tomlin.  So I was very impressed these songs when I heard them for the first time.


As a special bonus Heath will be doing a special acoustic session before the main event.  According to the press release:

“On this tour, Brandon will be hosting the Leaving Eden Soundcheck Session each night before the show. Leaving Eden Soundcheck Session participants will be treated to a unique acoustic performance from Brandon Heath before the general public is allowed in the building. Attendees will also get a limited edition Leaving Eden Soundcheck Session poster signed by Brandon that is only available to participants of the Soundcheck Session.


Concert goers are in for a treat.  Dave Barnes is also set to join Stanfill and Heath as supporting act.


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