FRANCIS CHAN: ‘Prayers Make Christians Different; Our God Listens!’




Speaking about the importance of the prayer life of a Christian recently, Francis Chan admitted,

“My prayer life is so powerful in connecting me with God, that I’d even say it rivals Scripture in stirring my affections for God.”

Because when God answers his prayers it’s a tangible demonstration of His love and concern for him. “There are days,” he explains,

“I can’t believe that God you love me that much. Are you kidding me? I know Jesus loves me because the Bible tells me so. But at this time in my life, I can know Jesus loves me because my prayer tells me so.”


In fact, says Chan, referring to the Bible story of Elijah, “Prayer is what differentiates us from other religions.  Our God listens to us.  Our God is a living God. He’s not a block of wood you made up that’s not going to answer you. My God listens to me. He answers me.”


Wow.  couldn’t have said it better!




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