Everyday I get a ton of people coming to my blog with the question, “Is Blake Mycoskie (the founder of TOMS Shoes) a Christian ?

And the answer is YES, to the best of my knowledge he is.  Well-known Christian author and Pastor, Erwin McManus, who pastors Mosaic Los Angeles mentioned in an interview with the Catalyst Conference podcast a few months ago that Blake Mycoskie is a member of his Church (or at least attends Church there).  Also Blake is very good friends with a number of well-known Christian leaders and well-known personalities, and he speaks, and is a regular feature, at numerous Christian events every year.

So take heart, Blake Mycoskie is a Christian.



  1. Why does he distance himself from Focus on the Family because they continue to allow Christ to reign by conforming to His Word on male and female roles? If Jesus spoke at an event in today’s society He would be booed off the stage and called an intolerant, hatemonger. And sadly, He is the opposite, He is Love. Can someone who conforms to this world instead of being transformed by the renewing of their mind by His Word really be called a Christian? Church attendance is not Christianity. Being born again through faith in Jesus and repentance of sin and made alive in Christ and dead to your sinful nature is Christianity.

  2. Hey Anonymous,
    Couldn’t agree with you more. I whole-heartedly agree with you about everything you said. I love that bit about Jesus being booed off stage, that is so true.

    About Mycoskie, I’ve wondered that myself when I saw the big fuss about Focus on The Family, and you’re right about church attendance doesn’t make one a Christian. Blake has intimated in various interviews that he is a Christian. What I’ve chosen to do is take him at his word. I try to avoid questioning or judging anybody’s relationship with Christ—that is definitely not my role or place. Any misgivings I have about their claims to being a Christian, or how I feel about anything in their lives, I choose to rather keep to myself. And I definitely try to avoid being political or even socio-political on this blog.

    But I am often perplexed at the huge backlash at Christians for their views on these issues, because all we’re doing is being faithful to the word of God. And I really think that’s really the issue here, these people’s main issue is not with us, its with the word of God. God makes the rules, not us (and he only wants the best for us). Of course though, our difference in views is not a justification for any kind of violence or other inhumane behavior towards those who disagree with us.

  3. Amen and well said!

  4. One more thing, there was once a man who was personally invited by Jesus to be His disciple. He was always seen with Jesus, rubbed elbows with others who loved Jesus, was given a weighty position in Jesus’s ministry. His name was Judas.

    To make mention of this man’s many Christian friends and ties as fruit of his beliefs kind of perpetuates the false belief that we are saved by works, by being good and having a good reputation. The youth that have asked this question should be given a more serious answer. They can handle biblical truths on fruits of salvation. And who knows, it make give some a revelation of their own soul’s state.

  5. I was really upset at hearing him agree with Ellen that he shouldn’t have spoken at the event if he knew FoF’s beliefs. It makes me question whether I want to buy his shoes. And sad and disappointed that he did not stand up for what he believes. Is he tied by his company, concerned with image, wanting more money? Afraid to admit his beliefs? It’s disappointing because he now has a platform to speak for Christ, yet he doesn’t.

  6. If you buy Tom’s shoes a child will recieve a pair, too. It’s a good thing. But if you really want to help in a real way you’ll send your offering to a ministry that meets physical needs as a vehicle to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. I suggest you look into Metro Ministries, the largest bus ministry and Sunday School in the world operating out of New York City. They have bases in India, Asia and the Phillipines, putting shoes on children’s feet and God in their midst. ……you can google Bill Wilson, the founder. I promise you’ll be glad you did. And read a book called Radical by David Platt, or at least watch the promo for it on Youtube.

    If you’re serious about affecting change, it’s a worthy ministry.

    • HI there, yes Metro Ministries is amazing. Bill Wilson came to speak at our church conference. I was so moved by his life story and dedication. God bless him.

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