If you don’t know who Lanny Donho is, then you’ve got to ask somebody.

He’s the legendary MC of Catalyst Conference, a comedian, but one thing people may not realize about him right off the bat is that he’s an incredible visionary leader  who has a huge heart to serve the kingdom of God.  As is evident through the work of his organization Big Stuf Campswhere they run different camps for high schoolers throughout the summer, and now with his newest project the 4:10 Bridge, where he’s seeking to build relationships with Churches in North America with local Churches in Kenya. An absolutely brilliant idea if you ask me.  That vision and courage alone demands a ton of respect.

Listen to how they describe the 4:10 Bridge on their website:

“At the 410 Bridge, we believe that our personal relationship with God is directly proportionate to our service to His people. He has commanded us to use what is given to us to serve His people, and this command is the crux of our organization.  We share a heart for the nation of Kenya and a passion to build lasting relationships with the people we encounter there in an effort to help spur them on to change. We believe that a network of committed U.S. churches partnering with communities and villages in a single country in Africa can make a difference. We believe that this focused, single country approach will not only change the lives of God’s children in Africa, but also transform the hearts and minds of the American church through service to His Kingdom.”

To that I say wow, wow, wow. Where do I sign up ?

As I mentioned above,  Lanny’s also a hilarious – I mean laugh-out-loud-ow-my stomach-hurts-I-stop-making-me-laugh –  funny.  Here’s one video where he displays this gift.  Best of all, he’s funny even when he’s not trying to be.

Oh, and he’s also the author of “GOD’S BLOGS: Insights From His Site”

So readers, meet Lanny Donoho.  You can also check out his blog here.



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