Purpose-Driven Fear of God By Rick Warren




Was listening to a really cool interview that the guys over at the Catalyst Podcast did with Rick Warren at the recent Catalyst West Coast Conference. A definite must-listen-to interivew.  You can listen to it the here.  It was really fascinating, but there was something particular that Rick talked about that I found really note-worthy.

He says that he has a special file, that he’s had for many many years – every time he sees a story of a Christian leader who’s fallen into sin, he cuts it out and throws it in his file – he’s done that for many years now.  And he says that every 6 months or so, he’ll pull that file out and read through it to remind himself to live a life of integriy – and everytime it puts the fear of God back into him.

I thought was such a great idea.  So often we come across something that makes us think and make us pay closer attention to our own lives, – or convicts us – only to forget it too soon.  We all need to be reminded that momentary pleasures aren’t worth it. ever. I call his file the “Purpose-Driven Fear of God File.”



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