Stuff Christians Like’s Jon Acuff: ‘When Lil’ Wayne Defines The Gospel’



Jonathan Acuff



Hip hop star Lil Wayne recently shared in a new Rolling Stone interview that while he was in jail, he actually read the Bible from cover to cover, for the first time.


When asked what he thought, Wayne responded:


“It was deep! I liked the parts where some character was once this, but he ended up becoming that. Like he’d be dissing Jesus, and then he ends up being a saint. That was cool.”


“What a great description of the gospel,” Jon Acuff wrote after reading Wayne’s words. “Some character was once this, but ended up becoming that. I was lost, but now I am found. I was once blind, but now I see.”


But the best part Acuff exclaimed was:


“Whenever I read stuff like that, whenever I hear celebrities describing brushes they’ve had with the Bible or God or the gospel, I always have the same reaction: ‘Hey, I know that guy too!’

Like connecting the dots between mutual friends with a stranger, I feel like shouting, That’s my God you’re talking about. I know that guy! You would love that guy if you got to know him. He’s awesome!”


We know how you feel Jon.


One Comment to “Stuff Christians Like’s Jon Acuff: ‘When Lil’ Wayne Defines The Gospel’”

  1. Yes! I was once THIS, but now I am THAT!!!!!
    I once had a “life”, but now I have a LIFE!!!

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