Christian Rock Band Skillet Comatose & Awake Album – Lead Singer Jordan Cooper Talks To Awaken Generation Blog About Their Mainstream Success & Not Hiding From Being Christian (VIDEO)




'Awake' debuts at No. 2 on Billboard 200 chart



In the year 2000, Christian rock band Skillet released their first live worship album ‘ARDENT WORSHIP.’ The record was a mixture of original worship songs and covers of other well-known favorites—including “Your Name Is Holy,” “Jesus, Jesus (Holy And Anointed One)” and “Shout To The Lord.”


Today, 10 years later, the Memphis-based Christian band are officially a successful mainstream Rock band with all the accolades and sales to prove it.  Their latest offering ‘AWAKE’ was released on August 25, 2009 and debuted at #2 on the Billboard 200 and sold a record-breaking 200,000 copies in 12 weeks.  One year later it was certified GOLD by the RIAA for sales of more than 500,000 copies.  And with their “AWAKE & ALIVE Tour” the grammy-nominated band sold out venues Coast to Coast and rocked capacity crowds in Chicago, Tulsa, Columbus, Boston, Phoenix, Portland, Seattle, Boise, Denver, and Minneapolis.   And at times touring with iconic Rock acts like ‘Three Days Grace’ and CREED.


And yet in all of their success Skillet has never backed down or been afraid to admit that they are unashamedly a Christian band.

It’s rare when a Christian rock band can cross over to the mainstream, but Skillet has done just that: charted on rock radio yet without denying the roots that got it there in the first place.

We got a rare chance to catch up with Jordan Cooper, lead singer of Skillet about their recent success and how that affected their stance as Christians.


Is it true music was forbidden in your house growing up?

Cooper: Not all music, but anything with drums. Drums and guitar were the devil’s instruments. My mom was a piano teacher and voice teacher, so she loved music, just a certain kind. Classical, hymns and opera were okay. When I first heard Christian music, I felt vindicated, like, “It’s not the drums that’s evil.”

You’re one of the few Christian rock bands that didn’t abandon the genre after getting mainstream success.

Cooper: Thanks. I think I’m so adamant about not wanting to get rid of my Christian stance because it helped me so much in my early life. I’m not embarrassed about it, and I’m not silent about it in interviews. If people ask, “Are you a Christian band?” my response is, “Yeah. I love it.”


Your 2009 album, “Awake,” debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 chart. Why do you think so many fans relate to this album?

Cooper: I think it’s because Skillet has a lot more fans than just Christian music fans. We are a Christian band, but we work very hard at writing songs about issues that, in my mind, everyone can relate to: atheists, agnostics, Jews, Muslims. I see that in bands like U2 and Switchfoot. Those bands have done a good job of having positive and hopeful messages, without alienating certain people.

What’s it like being in a band with your wife Korey (keyboard, guitar)?

Cooper: It’s awesome. She’s my go-to person to lean on when it comes to making the set flow and making songs sound better. She’ll do keyboard programming and songs will come to life. Personally, it’s nice on the road, because it makes the whole band feel more stable. We have our kids on the road, and it feels like a big family traveling and loving each other and having fun.

Your song, “Monster,” was No. 4 on the active rock chart last year and featured on WWE wrestling. How cool was that?

Cooper: It was awesome. “Monster” is a song a lot of stations said they would never play because it came from a Christian band. But the song kept doing better and better, and eventually, most of those people ended up playing the record.


I loved them during the ARDENT days and I love them today.

Thanks Jordan and Skillet for taking the light of Christ in places few Christians will ever get the opportunity to go.



2 Comments to “Christian Rock Band Skillet Comatose & Awake Album – Lead Singer Jordan Cooper Talks To Awaken Generation Blog About Their Mainstream Success & Not Hiding From Being Christian (VIDEO)”

  1. I love Skillet. Even though I’m not Christian, I love their music ❤

  2. Hey Sara,

    Thanks for stopping by and letting us know what you think! Yeah I love skillet too & I love that their music isn’t only limited to the kind that would appeal to “Christians,” but rather can be enjoyed by all. In fact I think that was their goal, especially with this latest album. I love that you left this comment.


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