Kari Jobe Interview – Revelation Song Healer You Are For Me

AAW: Your solo project from Integrity Music is filled with beautiful songs that not only express your heart, but are being used in churches all over. Share with us your experience working on this project… How long did it take? What are some of your highlights from that process?

KARI: This project was a desire of my heart for a really long time. A lot of the songs on this record came straight from my journals. It’s an expression of me pouring out my heart to God In moments of praise…as well as moments of brokenness. It was wonderful to finally have the CD recorded and ready to go because I knew it would allow me to step into a new season with God in what I was going to write about. It’s been an amazing journey as well since the CD came out. God has been blessing it and people are writing in constantly telling us what the songs are doing to help their churches and their personal lives!

AAW: One of the songs on the album, “Healer,” received a lot of controversy when a scandal was revealed with the songwriter. Could you share with us what made you decide to include that song on the album?

KARI: I wanted to keep it on the album because a lot of close family friends were receiving a lot of ministry from the song. I cried many tears over hearing the whole story…but I knew it was the truth about the word of God. I also want to be a change agent in my generation..to not just write people off when they fall or have sin revealed. To be a generation that shows grace and walks people through restoration in order to step back into the calling God has on their lives. No one is perfect…and we need to all cry out for His grace and strength to stand against the enemy and be strong. Some times those around us need our help. I felt that leaving this song on the album was a statement of grace…as well as not letting the enemy win since the song was already blessing so many. I’m so glad I left it on there!

AAW: Which song on the album was the most fun to write and/or record and why?

KARI: “Joyfully” was a lot of fun to write! It brought a smile to my face as we wrote this one! Ed Cash got the first part of the melody idea while helping his wife fold laundry…and then Ed, Mia Fieldes, and myself all sat down to fully craft the song. It was fun.

AAW: Could you share some helpful tips for co-writing? What have you found works well and does not work well?

KARI: You have to go in prepared with some ideas or at least some themes to work on. Give options of stuff you could write on so that the person or people you’re working with can see what they feel that they can connect to and run with. It’s also important to hear God on what songs you can co-write on and which one’s maybe He wants you and Him to finish. He’ll tell you.

AAW: If you could say one thing to all the young girls who are aspiring singers/songwriters, what would it be?

KARI: Journal, journal, journal. A lot of my songs come out of the time I spend with God. It’s also important to be a good steward of going back and crafting and really working on your songs. Most of them do not come in 2 minutes…the ones that really impact people’s lives are the ones that take a journey and process to write…be faithful to spend time with God, journal and see what happens!!

AAW: What can we expect from you in 2010-2011? What’s coming up?

KARI: A new album. New songs. New stuff!! : ) I’m writing and planning some new things now. Really excited about the direction God is taking me! I will give details and timelines through twitter and my website as I know the timing! : )

AAW: A question we ask at the end of every interview…share with us your most embarrassing moment while leading worship.

KARI: Oh goodness. Just one? Ha. I think one of them would be that as a service was starting, I greeted all the people and had them stand to their feet…then I said, “are you ready to worship the lamb of lambs?”…haha! It should be King of kings, or Lord of lords…not lamb of lambs. Hahahaha!


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  1. {KARIJOBE] WHEN DID LAST PERFORMANCE live audition contest leading worship christian artists/celebrity? Tellus about behind the scene of music(release new albums) with lyrics,musicvideo, aspiring Musicians artists, hopefully what can we expect from this months/years.{?}

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