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North Point Community Church



Interesting thoughts by Adam Walker Cleaveland after he visited North Point Community Church in Atlanta for the first time.  I may not agree with everything but I thought he was right on the money with all the seat-saving.  It’s my biggest pet peeve about North Point.


Adam In His Own Words:

While in Atlanta last weekend, Mark, Sarah and I went to North Point Community Church, where Andy Stanley is the pastor. It was definitely my first megachurch experience. Sarah actually didn’t think the sermon was all that bad, and…it wasn’t. But, I just know I couldn’t attend a church like that. It was pretty hard to find a good seat because everyone just had rows and rows of seats saved (any theological thoughts on seat-saving in worship?). It’s hard to have any type of community there, unless you’re actively involved in one of the community/small groups. I didn’t really like going to church and having it feel like I was going to a concert or huge convention (complete with the parking lot attendants, orange vests and everything). We were in the auditorium that Andy was preaching in, but…there were a few more thousand people in the opposite auditorium where Andy’s sermon was fed into. Again, just not the type of interaction I want with my pastor (or, if I was the pastor, with the body in the church).

I’m not going to get into some “Megachurches suck and they’re a complete waste of time and space!” type of rant. I just know that for myself…yah, definitely not a megachurch kind of guy. There is no way that I could handle pastoring a church that big, and I most definitely would not want to be a member of a church that large…

Definitely an interesting experience though. Anyone else been there? Anyone else have any megachurch experiences that were bad…good…neutral?


3 Comments to “North Point Community Church Atlanta, GA Through The Eyes Of A Visitor – Pomomuzings Blog”

  1. I’m currently in Portland, Oregon, but I came from in Edmond, Oklahoma. I grew-up in the small church outside of Augusta, GA (Evans) and have, obviously, spent time in the large church as well. I prefer the large or “mega” church setting because I’ve never dreamed or hoped on small scales. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but it’s just not how I’m wired. My gift is communication and I know I’m supposed to use it on a large scale. I could care less about making money. God meets our needs each month…somehow. Additionally, I hold the philosophy that church isn’t designed for me. I am in mind, but the primary purpose is the seeker. People will always disagree on this issue, but e bottom line is that we are all on the same team and must respect one another’s role and function. My church will always have a back door because it definitely isn’t for everybody.

  2. Right on Jaimie! Great to hear from you.

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