Pastor James MacDonald Harvest Bible Chapel Chicago, IL Presents New Event The Elephant In The Room Featuring Steven Furtick David Platt Mark Driscoll Matt Chandler Greg Lauri Perry Noble


Pastor James MacDonald


James MacDonald is introducing a brand new event called The Elephant In The Room on March 31, 2011.  It’s a one day event with 7 influential pastors.


It’s a day of conversations between seven pastors who share a common love for the Gospel, but take radically different approaches to ministry. So… it will be a Matt Chandler sitting down with a Steven Furtick to talk about approaches to preaching. Other issues include evangelism strategies, pastor pitfalls, reproducing the church, money, and so on.

It’s live in Chicago for a very intimate audience… and then broadcast to simulcast sites all over North America. The map is growing weekly…

The goal is to not polarize each other, but to allow iron to sharpen iron… to talk about the “elephants in the room” in our deeply divided ministry culture. This is not a debate, but frank conversations between pastors who aren’t afraid to mix it up.


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