Andy Stanley Passion 2011 (Video)


Passion 2011 :: Session 4 :: Andy Stanley



“Managing Your Appetite”

Andy Stanley discusses and challenges students at the fourth main session of Passion 2011 on the topic of what do you worship and the importance of killing sin or it will be killing you. You may realize in the video that this is said very vaguely and indirectly in Stanley’s seeker sensitive manner.

Below are the notes from Andy Stanley sermon at Passion 2011:

Managing Your Appetite

“I want to talk about a little slice of life that no one pays too much attention to. This little slice of life has the power to determine the direction and quality of your life. It will overpower your prayers, worship, your commitment to Christ. It is the thing that shipwrecks more individuals than anything else in the world. You will either rule it, or it will rule you. But you have the potential to rule it.”

Your Appetite

“Your appetite will either be ruled by you, or it will rule you. You have no idea just how powerful your appetites really are.”

“Your parents are in the place they are because of the way they managed their appetites.”

“Some of you were abandoned because your parent had a better appetite for alcohol.  Some of your deepest pain may not be because of your appetite, but because of the way someone else managed their appetites.”

“It seems that the momentum of worship, and Bible study should be so powerful that it should override that appetite. Yet it is still there. That is the power of the appetite. I can stand up here and tell you about influential leaders that lost their place because they were ruled by their appetite.”
“We think about appetites we immediately think about food, but there are several appetites. Progress. Responsibility. Respect. Win. Love. Acceptance. Fame. Recognition. To be envied. Things. These things are never, ever going away.”

“3 things to know about appetites: God created them, sin distorted them – every single appetite you have has been broken and distorted. They’re not bad, they are just broken.”

“Appetites are never fully and finally satisfied – we know this when it comes to food, the same is true for every other appetite. The lie is that there is someone, or something that can fully and finally satisfy an appetite.”

“Your appetites always whisper “NOW”, and never “LATER.” They always say “Trade the ultimate for the immediate.” You can’t pray it away. If you don’t rule them, they rule you.”

Genesis 25

  • Jacob and Esau.
    • Esau was a man’s man
    • Jacob was a momma’s boy
    • They were different, but Esau was born first and this is what brings tension.
    • The birthright was granted to the oldest son in the family. With the birhtright came 3 important things.
      • If you had the birthright, you got a double portion of the inheritance.
      • You also got to be the judge of the family after the parents are gone.
      • A sense of blessing came with the birthright.
    • So there was this desire of the younger brother to take the birthright from the older brother.
  • Genesis 25:29
    • In families the older brother never needs anything from the younger brother. The younger brother always wants something from the older brother.
    • Every once and a while the older brother needs something from the younger brother.
    • Older brother Esau comes to Jacob and asks for stew. So Jacob says, “ok, I’ll take your birthright in return.” “First sell me your birthright.”
    • Who would actually trade their birthright for a temporary bowl of stew?
    • We do it all the time. I see it happen all the time.
    • I don’t want you to do it, because you have no idea what God may use you to do in this world, if you harness your appetite.
  • Genesis 25:32
    • Esau says, “I’m about to die, what good is the birthright to me?”
    • When anyone of your appetites becomes exaggerated, things actually change and happen in your brain.
    • Impact Bias – Takes a simple appetite and magnifies it out of proportion.
      • It tells your brain that this thing, experience, or person is going to be extraordinarily satisfying.
    • Focalism – focuses our minds on one thing and blurs out everything else.
      • Your brain has the ability to put everything else around you out of focus, and focus you on one thing, person, experience.
      • Your brain changes when your appetite is inflamed.
      • They have the potential to determine the direction of your life.
  • Genesis 25:33
    • So Esau sold to him his birthright.
      • I wish I could jump into the story and tell him “Esau, you’re gonna have twelve sons, they’re each gonna have families, and all of them are going to end up in Egyp, and become a nation of slaves for 400 years, and become a might nation, and become God’s chosen people. This entire nation of people is going to come from your body, and they’re going to be God’s people. God is going to raise up a guy named Moses. Moses isn’t going to know God’s name. Moses will become a shepherd, and God is going to introduce himself to Moses. The God of the universe is going to introduce himself to Moses as ‘I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Esau.’ God is going to introduce himself with your name, unless you trade your birthright for a bowl of stew.” “Esau, do you want to trade all of that for a bowl of stew?”
      • I think just the knowledge of what God would have done through Esau would have stopped him in his tracks. But I wasn’t there to help him think through this future, and no one is going to be there to help you think through your future.
      • You have no idea what God might do through you if you will surrender your appetites to HIm.
  • Genesis 25:34
    • He ate and drank and got up and left. So Esau despised his birthright.
    • His destiny was changed because of an appetite that couldn’t be harnessed.
    • This is a tension that never goes away.
    • Every single day of your life you will be tempted to trade your future for a bowl of stew.
    • Refraining – looking at that bowl of stew, and saying “in light of my future, is it really worth trading my future for this? Is it worth trading the ultimate for the immediate?”
    • Get a piece of paper and write “5 years from now…” and look at it everyday and write down something.
    • Your appetite only knows one word “more”. And it only has one spot on the clock “now”.
  • What is your bowl of stew right now?
    • A habit? A secret?
    • What are you trading right now for your future?
  • Reframe
  • Regrain
  • Someday, some of you will lead this movement. Someday, some of you will lead the leading churches in America. Don’t miss that. Don’t trade your future for a bowl of stew.


3 Responses to “Andy Stanley Passion 2011 (Video)”

  1. Hi

    I watched CCTV and Past Andy Stanley preached, I was mesmerised by the truth, and unfortunately, I only switched on the telly halfway through. Could I get the sermons you preached at Hillsong 2011.
    I have 3 young teenage boys – any stuff that would speak to them?

    Bless you

  2. Hey Trudi,

    This blog isn’t affiliated with Andy Stanley. To get the sermons he preached at Hillsong 2011 you’d probably have to go to the Hillsong website. For sermons for your boys you can google: ‘Andy Stanley or North Point Community Church’ and once on their website you can go to their online store – they have a ton of past sermon series’ by Andy Stanley that you can look through to see if there’s anything you’d like to get – also I don’t know if you know much about podcasts but Andy Stanley has 2 podcasts where they release audio of his sermons every week.


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