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June 11, 2011


Hey Guys,

I wanted to let you know of a free give-away on the Catalyst Conference website that I just found out about.  Catalyst is offering a free gift package in exchange for some contact information.  According to Brad, Director of Catalyst, “all you need is to Open Your FREE present from Catalyst. If you go to the homepage, then just click on the Open Your Free Present icon, fill out the few lines of info, and then once you are done you’ll have access to over 30 free songs from some of our friends who are creating great music, plus 3 free e-books, plus some of the best talks from past Catalyst events, the most recent Catalyst GroupZine curriculum, and a great resource from Andy Stanley.”

The Package Includes:

1.  A Groupzine Excerpt (around 30 pages in PDF form) featuring articles by Andy Stanley, Jon Acuff, Tim Keller & others

2.  Best Of Catalyst Audio Set – Featuring talks from Bill Hybels, John Maxwell, Tim Sanders, Donald Miller, and Howard Hendricks. (this alone is worth the download)

3.  A Clip of an Andy Stanley Talk he gave to his staff and volunteers – featuring video, audio and discussion questions.

4.  Three Free eBooks:

1) “Gracenomics” by Mike Foster

2)”Creating Your Personal Life Plan” by Michael Hyatt

3) “Veneer” by Jason Locy & Tim Willard (new book released through zondervan)

5.  Two separate compilation music albums – one album is a worship album

I’ve filled out the form and have downloaded all these free goodies.  To get yours just go here.  No strings attached.

Hope you enjoy it.