Phil Wickham New Album 2011 RESPONSE


Phil Wickham released details of his new 2011 album via twitter this past Sunday (June 5th), stating that the new record will be called “RESPONSE” and is slated for an October 4th, 2011 release.  Wickham also released some pics of him hard at work in the studio which you can see above and below.  According to the latest update the album is complete.  “Just got the last song mixed for my new record “RESPONSE”,” Wickham tweeted on Sunday, adding “Mission complete! It feels good to be done. Can’t wait to share the sounds!”

I’m super excited about this new record.  To me Phil Wickham is one of the most talent Christian artists working today—hands down.  If you’ve never seen him live then you don’t what I mean when I say, but just do give you a glimpse of his pipes and vocal range and power, check out this video where he talks about songwriting and he intersperses some singing here and there.  Then you’ll get a tiny glimpse of what I mean.  In this vid he’s talking about how he came to write the first track off his 2009 album “Heaven & Earth,” called “Eden.”


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