Donald Miller Debuts New Blue Like Jazz Movie Trailer

Blue Like Jazz

I saw on twitter a few days ago that Donald Miller and crew had just debuted the brand new “Blue Like Jazz” movie trailer online.  I have to say I’m really excited for them, Don had shared many times about the various struggles they faced with getting this movie made, culminating with them being forced to go to fans of the book themselves to help them raise the money to make the movie.  So I’m sure this is a happy moment for them.  And I couldn’t be happier for them.  It was interesting to watch the trailer because they have the girl Alex from LOST, the girl who played Ben’s daughter, in a lead role in this movie.  I don’t know why but seeing that was hilarious to me.  That they managed to get a Lostie in there.  Also they had the kid from “Prison Break” playing Don in the movie.  I’m a big fan of “Prison Break” so I got a kick out of seeing Lincoln—Linc The Sink’s—son playing the lead role.

I have to be honest the trailer seems a bit of a departure from the book.  A lot of the stuff in the trailer made me go, “wait where in the book did this happen again?”  I was very surprised thought to see it had over 60,000 views already, that means at least there’s a lot of  interest around the movie.  Definitely hope it all works out for Don and crew and all the fans.

You can check it out below.

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