Awesome MARTIN SMITH Video Having An Oops Moment While Leading Worship!

I came across this hilarious video of ex-Delirious front man, Martin Smith, making a mistake while leading worship at some event.  The video opens with Martin & the Delirious guys  in the middle of a quiet, prayerful worship moment.  And then Martin moves his Bible from the side of keyboard to right in front of him, perhaps he was about to share something with the crowd.  But as he puts his Bible down on the keyboard it triggers some kind of beat, and so while they are in this intense worshipful moment this keyboard drum beat starts playing and Martin starts looking around all like mildly freaked out, trying to see who’s making that sound.  But he can’t see anything, then he lifts his Bible and realizes it was him.  Then the speaker comes up and explains what just happened.  I love this video, I’m a huge Delirious fan who’s still not over their break-up.



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