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June 22, 2011

David Crowder Band Announces Farewell Tour

I am so heart-broken to announce to those of you that don’t know, but the incomparable David Crowder Brand has announced its farewell tour and final album.  I don’t know where to begin to express my sadness.  The band announced it on their website homepage.  According to their online letter  the reason for the breakup is mainly that when they signed with sixstepsrecords they signed two 3-album deals, and as a band never had a vision beyond that.  For them as a band there was just those six albums really, with nothing beyond it, and since they have released 5 albums to date, their 6th and final album will be released sometime next year (2012).

As for the specific reason for the break-up the letter simply states that as they began dreaming and thinking about what their 6th album would be like, “[As a band] we also began conversations about what was to follow this sixth album. Some of us discussed maybe going back to school. Some of us talked about how great it might feel to be home with family more. Some mentioned maybe writing for a living, or at least getting to give more attention to it. Some talked about more music to be made and who they might enjoy making it with and how great it would be to have more diverse options open to them and the excitement they felt when thinking about those options.  And, out of these discussions, the decision was reached that this sixth album would be our last. None of us is sure what’s next, but we’re not afraid. We’re, in fact, really, really excited!”

Their final tour will be called The 7 Tour, to signify completion.   Words cannot express how sad I am to see my favorite band after Delirious end this epic journey they’ve been on.  For years I’ve opined about how the David Crowder Band has for the longest time been one of the most underrated, under-appreciated bands even though they’ve consistently proven themselves to be one of the most creative, imaginative and iconoclastic bands ever to grace Christian music.  And beyond that there was just that darn coolness factor that they emanated.  To me they just epitomized cool.  And I loved that as a Christian I couldn’t say we have The David Crowder band, they are passionate followers of Jesus, look how cool they don’t you wish you were friends with them?  They showed the world that being Christian can be cool.  And now we’re losing them.  That just breaks my heart, I’m still not really over the breakup of Delirious and now this—I’m struggling man.  I just wished they weren’t breaking up.

More information and tickets for The 7 Tour is available here.