The Interesting Life Of Marla Taviano

Image of "Marla Taviano"

So there’s this Christian author and speaker named Marla Taviano.  I don’t really know much about her or any of the books she’s written, but a few days ago blogger Pete Wilson over at withoutwax, featured a guest post by Mrs. Marla that gave me the chuckles.  Pete was giving away free copies of her new ebook, but it was what Mrs. Marla said in her post that made me go, “say what now?”  In the post entitled, “I Have This Dream” she shares a dream she has for relations between husbands and wives.  Take a look I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it—and don’t be surprised if you start grinning.

“I have a dream.

That every husband’s suggestion for sex is met, not with deep sighs and eye-rolls from his wife, but with squeals of joys and a mad dash to the bedroom.

I have a dream.

That every husband is enthralled by his own wife, other women fade to the background, and porn is a non-issue.

I have a dream.

That every wife puts down her Christian romance novel and shakes her head in pity at the poor male hero who can’t hold a candle to her amazing husband.

I have a dream.

That every wife would rather have sex with her husband than go shopping with her girlfriends.

I have a dream.

That every husband would rather spend time listening to his wife than watch a weekend’s worth of football.

I have a dream.

That every husband and wife would be in the mood for sex at the same time every single time.

I have a dream today.

That we can bridge the sexual disconnect between husbands and wives once and for all and experience a stinking awesome marriage bed just like the good Lord intended.

Here’s to doing my part to make your wildest dreams come true!”

The first I thing I thought when I read that—well after I had regained my composure from laughing so much—was “wow,  how in the world does she and her husband not have 50 kids by now?”   And the second thought was, “they must lead one interesting life.”


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