DAVID C. COOK Launches FRANCIS CHAN Mobile Site For His New Book “ERASING HELL”

Timed to coincide with the release of best-selling author Francis Chan’s latest book, Erasing Hell: What God Said About Eternity and the Things We Made Up, publisher David C Cook announces the launch of its first interactive mobile site, www.francischan.mobi.

It is no wonder such a well-known and long-standing Christian publisher as David C Cook would choose Chan’s work for its initial move into the mobile sphere. As a popular pastor, author, and speaker, Chan speaks directly to the generation of today, making his message of God’s love a natural fit to be shared through today’s technology.

Easily accessed from any smartphone using readily available QR (quick response) codes, the dynamic new site provides visitors an immediate opportunity to learn more about Chan’s thought-provoking work. Through cooperation with Oasis Audio and an offer that is unique to the mobile site, visitors may listen to an audio excerpt from his newest book, Erasing Hell, read by co-author Preston Sprinkle, or either of Chan’s other two adult non-fiction books: Crazy Love or Forgotten God. Consumers may further choose to read sections of any of Chan’s three books; learn more about hisBasic film series; watch the video introduction to Erasing Hell; connect with Chan via social networking; or purchase any of the books and/or film series. It’s a win-win for consumer and retailer alike.

“The uniqueness of a mobile site like this,” said Ginia Hairston, VP of Trade Marketing at David C Cook, “is that a customer, whether in a bookstore, library, or anywhere a hard copy of Erasing Hell is available, can instantly access Francis’ entire ‘library’ of adult non-fiction and film series in one convenient place.”

Along with printing the QR code on the back cover of Erasing Hell, David C Cook has created shelf talkers with the QR code linking to the mobile site and has also incorporated the code into all promotion materials pertaining to the book.


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