Author RACHEL HELD EVANS: ‘MARK DRISCOLL Is A Bully. Stand Up To Him.’

13 Things I Learned at the BioLogos Conference

Author Rachel Held Evans took to her blog this week to criticize what she called Mark Driscoll’s “bully behavior.”  Apparently what set her off was a facebook status update Driscoll posted which read:

“So, what story do you have about the most effeminate anatomically male worship leader you’ve ever personally witnessed?”

Evans responded in full fury posting:


“Mark Driscoll is wrong. 

Godly men stick up for people, not make fun of them.

Godly men honor women, not belittle them.

Godly men pursue peace, not dismiss it.

Godly men rise above violence, not glorify it.

Godly men build up the Church, not embarrass it.

Godly men imitate Christ—who praised the gentle and the peacemakers, who stood up for the exploited and abused, who showed compassion for the downtrodden,  who valued women, and who loved his enemies to the point of death.

If this Facebook status were Pastor Mark Driscoll’s first offense, it might not warrant a strong response.But Mark has developed a pattern of immaturity and unkindness that has remained largely unchecked by his church.”

I don’t know much about Mrs Evans but it seems her post is more of a liberal view point, which I don’t share but it was interesting to see her take Driscoll head on like this.  So far her post has gotten 300 comments.  So I guess its working for her.




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