MATT REDMAN Inspires A Brighter Faith With New Book MIRROR BALL

ISBN 978-0-78140578-2
Published by David C. Cook


Matt Redman, Grammy nominated songwriter, acclaimed worship leader and successful author, shares his insight and invites readers to dream of a brighter, bolder life of faith in his new book, ‘Mirror Ball’.


Having taken readers on valuable journeys towards a more authentic, passionate practice of worship with the books ‘The Unquenchable Worshipper’ and ‘Facedown’, Matt quickly unpacks his central metaphor in this new release from David C Cook.  Everyone, he reminds us, has the unique potential to radiate the goodness, glory and power of God through our own lives. And, like the diminutive mirror ball above a disco floor, we might not look particularly impressive on our own, but once we allow the light of God to shine upon us, there’s no end to the beauty that will shine.


Throughout ‘Mirror Ball’ Matt weaves personal anecdote with spiritual insight, biblical analysis and inspirational wisdom from great thinkers. Throughout the book Matt covers themes that range from the importance of us enlarging our view of God to the place of suffering and the importance of seeing worship as more than the singing of songs, producing some memorable lines along the way: “Singing is easy,” he writes in chapter 1: “The proof is always in the living. Or even the dying.”  In chapter 3 (‘Big God, Big Life’) he writes: “When the majesty and mercy of God really take hold inside us, worship explodes out in every possible direction.”  The chapter concludes: “God’s power + my weakness = anything is possible. You do the math.”  Just as Matt songs reveal so much of the character of God the Father and the sacrifice of Jesus the Son, ‘Mirror Ball’ has plenty to say about the nature of God: “God is at work. He is not distant, dormant or docile. He never sleeps and never grows tired or weary.


“He is the powerful, promise-keeping, and change-breathing God. The doors He opens no one can close, and the doors He closes cannot be opened. His words never return to Him empty. He is always at work in you and all around you.” (Chapter 8).  Concluding with an eight-part study guide that draws on the book’s content, as well as new songs from Matt’s forthcoming album ‘10,000 Reasons’, ‘Mirror Ball’ will leave readers inspired and equipped to shine on.



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