BRITT MERRICK Leader of Reality Church Movement Signs Multi-Book Deal With David C Cook.




David C Cook announced the signing of pastor, author, and church planter Britt Merrick to a multi-book publishing deal, with the first offering scheduled for release in the summer of 2012.

In an age where shallow religion and shaky commitments rule the day, Merrick’s provocative new book calls for believers to quit “playing church” and to truly follow Jesus no matter the cost. “There is a discrepancy today between the lives of most American Christians and the life of Jesus in the gospels—and the world has noticed. Yet a growing number of believers feel that something’s missing and they’re aching to live authentic lives like Jesus,” explains Merrick.

The first book in the deal (as of yet untitled) will equip the 21st-century church to join with Christ as He is presently on mission, working all around them. Jesus said, “As the Father sent me, I also send you.” The book follows this pivotal passage to reveal the Father’s mandate for mission, the Son’s model of mission, and the Spirit’s ministry through mission. A life engaged in this way is one that truly looks like Jesus—and ultimately changes the world.

“We share Merrick’s passion for transforming the world by stirring the church to a radically new spiritual depth and commitment to Jesus,” says Don Pape, vice president of trade publishing for David C Cook. “We’re excited to have the opportunity to support his vision.”

Merrick is the founding pastor of Reality Church, which began in 2003 in Carpinteria, CA, and has grown to include church plants in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Ventura, Stockton, Santa Barbara, and London, England. The Reality church movement is focused on biblical faithfulness, community transformation, church birthing, and equipping the next generation of leaders. Reality is a biblically grounded, missionally minded, and relationally oriented network of churches rooted in prayer, worship, and the authority of God’s inerrant Word.

In 2009 Britt’s 5-year-old daughter, Daisy Love, was diagnosed with a stage III Wilms’ tumor, which returned again after successful treatment in the summer of 2010. As the family battled cancer, a wide ministry emerged through Britt’s teaching and Daisy’s blog:

Britt continues to serve full-time as lead pastor at Reality Santa Barbara and recently wrote the book Big God, which released in 2010. In recent years Britt has spoken at the Children’s Pastor’s Conference (CPC), both East and West, Catalyst West, One Conference, and Pure Worship Conference, and he has appeared on TBN’s Praise the Lord. He lives with his wife, Kate, and their two children in Carpinteria.


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