HILLSONG UNITED’S Joel Houston Robbed At Gun Point Loses 200 Songs


Joel Houston, lead singer of Hillsong United was robbed at gunpoint in New York city a few days ago.  “Robbed at gunpoint tonight… thank you brooklyn… lost my phone.. spent the night with NY’s finest…”  Houston tweeted.  According to Houston 3 of his other friends who were with him were robbed too including songwriter Matt Crocker.


It got even worse since Houston had 200 songs on his phone he wanted to keep.  “seriously.. for real” Joel added later, “.. at gunpoint… tried reasoning with him.. only cause i had 200 song idea on my voice memos i didnt wanna lose…”


Not to worry though, Houston and his friends were just happy no one got seriously hurt.  Writing, “spent the night with NY’s finest.. never laughed harder in my life…”

Glad to hear no one was hurt.  So sad to hear about those many songs being lost though.






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