Pro A Life Worth Dying For Lyrics

Within all men, there’s a desire
To push through the pain and not burn when we walk through the fire, see
Though we know there’s something much greater than us,
Our hearts desire, tells us the only thing important, is us
From life’s first cry to our final resting position
Is a constant jocky for significance and attention
And as we chase the Grim Reaper with his diamond covered sickle
Or send our brothers to meet him with vanity’s pistol
It’s clear that we are craving life!
Get misdirected, trapped in the snare of night
Who can save us from this dastardly device?
Give us purpose as we claw and we fight?
This can’t be it, I’m sure there’s more.
Show us a life, worth dying for…

Ladies and gentlemen, I’d like to welcome you, to the truth!
I want you to take this journey with me, (turn me up a little bit)
Stillborn, I was born unresponsive,
Even though I breathe I’m still dead to the beating on my conscience
Displays a lot, but if you think about it
‘Cause I live life for myself and I ain’t even have to think about it
As I yield to the wickedness inside me,
I attempt to play God like Bruce Almighty or Jim Caviezel
Sin deceive you and make you think there’s not a love greater than he do
It’s death, that Satan’s dealin’ in this game I think I’m winning
You always lose in Las Vegas though you get cash to the ceiling
It’s my demise on dark nights concealing (get it)
I still pray I don’t die playing a villain like Heath
What you peeping my Ledger, it’s the sum of a deader
Hoping God don’t cash in on sins that he measured
That’s why thugs hit blocks with dope and Berettas
Thinking if they more control, that things would be better
It’s life that you crave on this operating table called Earth, We need saving
That’s why women give they body to these thieves
Thinking if they gain his love, it’s the cure to they disease
And gangs fight over territory they have never owned
‘Cause something burns inside that says this is not your home
This a sport where your money matters hardly
You can ball and never get a trophy, similar to Barkley
I guess the point I’m really trying to make
We all on death row, Snoop, Pac, and Dre
And the Devil is sure to trust ’em, like we never should
Make us popular but in his heart he would kill us if he could
Tell the truth, some never listen though
Thinking he alive like Pinocchio, while being a creation that disrespect the maker
Life is only found in Geppetto, Creator, GOD!


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