1) Where are you right now? Sydney, Australia. Sitting on my couch, with my feet up, Tim Hughes record playing softly in the background 🙂

2) What’s in your pocket? A few Australian coins, a guitar pick, and a set of keys in my back pocket that I should have removed before sitting.

3) Latest set list? Here’s a list I recently worked on for a small, stripped back night of worship at church (Hillsong Chapel).

Hosanna (E) You’ll Come (E) Run (E) The Time Has Come (G) Savior King (D) Yahweh (A) Came To My Rescue (Bridge) (A) Stronger (A) This Is Our God (E) Hold Me Now (B) From The Inside Out (B) Mighty To Save (G) Salvation Is Here (A)

4) Last album you purchased? The Civil Wars- “Barton Hollow”

5) Best piece of advice you ever received? Our Pastor, Brian Houston, often says “the best is yet to come”. It’s a pretty great piece of advice to hold on to. Not resting on yesterday’s success, or being defeated by it’s dissappointments.. But looking forward, realising God’s not finished.. He’s alive, His word is living and active, He’s working all things together for good.. And we’re a part of it!

6) How do you stay sharp? I make sure I’m around people who are creative, motivated and inspired. Finding people doing what I do better than I do it…

7) What do you do 5 minutes before you lead worship? Sip honey/lemon tea and pray with our worship team.. Never want to try and just fit God somewhere into our songlists and plans.. Always want to come open, fitting into what it is that He is doing.

8) Biggest worship horror moment? Ha.. Probably when I was leading worship in a small meeting (disclaimer: not at home).. In the middle of a quiter song, a guy in one of the front rows called out “nope.. It’s too high, I can’t sing it.. I won’t sing it”. I think I just closed my eyes, and kept on singing.. A moment I’ll never forget.

9) How would you define worship? It’s our response to even just the smallest glimpse of Jesus.. and as we respond in awe, in praise and action, He reveals a little more of Himself.. And we are once again ruined for anything else.

10) One encouragement to worship leaders? Never diminish the value of your role.. Start by never diminishing your value of the One you are worshipping.



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