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September 15, 2011

DENVER BRONCOS Fans Boo QB Kyle Orton Live On Monday Night Football And Chant “We Want Tebow, We Want Tebow!”


First of all, let me open this post by saying that I’m a huge Tim Tebow fan.  I want him to succeed in the NFL like no one else (besides Colt McCoy).  So like many other Tebow fans I’m disappointed that we don’t get see him play every week.  In other words, I want Tebow to be the starter.  I think he’ll surprise everyone with just how impressive he is if given the chance.  Sure he’ll have to go through a learning slump but that’s just part of the process.  It’s not that I have anything against Kyle Orton or that I want him to fail, it’s just that I really really want Tim Tebow to succeed.

And it’s because of this that I had a big laugh while watching The Broncos vs The Raiders on Monday Night Football when I heard the Broncos fans Boo Orton and chant “We Want Tebow, We Want Tebow!!!”

The booing of Orton started early in the fourth quarter, shortly after a 1-yard run by Oakland quarterback Jason Campbell gave the Raiders a touchdown that put them in firm control against the Broncos.  The chants for Tebow were first heard with 6 minutes remaining in the game, even as Orton was marching the Broncos toward the end zone in an effort to rally his teammates from a 10-point deficit.  And when Broncos coach John Knox, was asked about the QB situation after the game he ignored the question.

If I could offer my two cents about the whole Tebow debacle:  Here’s the thing—I think given the chance and the right amount of time Tim Tebow would blow everyone away with just how good he is.  But so far he hasn’t been given the chance, so as a result I don’t think any criticism of him is justified.  Even his game time in the preseason games wasn’t fair in terms of seeing what he can do.  Because first of all, the Broncos kept running the ball – 2 out of every 3 downs they ran the ball leaving Tebow one chance per drive to throw the ball, meaning that if he didn’t make that pass they’d have to punt.  So he’d essentially get 2 or 3 chances to throw the ball the whole half of the quarter.  There’s no way that’s enough time to see what Tebow can do.

Of course Tebow’s success will mean nothing to those who don’t like him, even if they don’t know why.  Either way, in the end coach John Knox can’t ignore or drown out the call of the masses of Broncos faithfuls.  That’s a call he’ll have to answer one time or another.