DAVID CROWDER* BAND Announces Name of Final Album, It Will Be Called GIVE US REST


I have already  expressed my immense sadness at the breaking up of iconic and iconoclastic Christian band David Crowder Band here.  And as such I am super eager to find out whatever information I can about their final album that is slated to be released in 2012.

I just found out that their last album will be entitled, “Give Us Rest.”  According to reports the album is will drop on January 10, 2012.

DC*B also released a brand new Christmas record this week entitled, “Oh For Joy.”  I listened to some samples on iTunes yesterday and again they’ve raised the bar again with their creativity and inventiveness.

The band is currently on their final tour, the 7 Tour, and will perform their final show at Passion 2012, the annual Passion Conference led by Louie Giglio.

I don’t know if I’ll find rest with their break-up.


2 Comments to “DAVID CROWDER* BAND Announces Name of Final Album, It Will Be Called GIVE US REST”

  1. At least they’re breaking up on good terms and doing other things instead of splitting due to drama. I think Crowder will due some amazing solo stuff.

  2. I hear you man, and you’re right about the break up being in good faith. God knows I hope you’re right that Crowder continues to do solo stuff. The Christian music landscape will have gaping void for a long time.

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