It’s TEBOW TIME !!!! TIM TEBOW Officially Named Starting Quarterback Of The DENVER BRONCOS

It’s official, there is a God in heaven!!! Tim Tebow was named the starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.

I can’t tell you how much joy it brings me to share the good news of Tim Tebow’s promotion to number 1 QB in Denver.  It’s no secret that all of us here at Awaken Generation are huge Tebow fans and are rooting for him to do great things in the NFL.  We love his unashamed stand for Christ in culture, his humility, class and winning spirit.  And we love those Bible verses he tweets every game day for all the world to see.

Coach John Fox informed Broncos players at a team meeting on Tuesday that Tebow would get the call in Week 7, following Denver’s bye week, at Miami.

Tebow replaced Orton in the second half Sunday with the Broncos down 13 points at halftime, and completed four of 10 passes for 79 yards and a touchdown off a screen pass in his two quarters of action. He had his troubles with a few snaps. But Tebow’s practice reps were limited and he’d hardly played since preseason, so some rust can be expected.

The former first-round pick has legions of followers and supporters but also many detractors who doubt his ability to win consistently in the NFL because of an unorthodox throwing motion and poor downfield accuracy. He entered the season expecting to start, but when the Broncos failed to complete a trade of Orton, Tebow was outplayed in training camp and fell behind Orton.

Ironically, the Dolphins will be honoring the University of Florida’s 2008 National Championship team on Oct. 23 when Tebow and the Broncos visit. Dolphins rookie center Mike Pouncey played on that team, as did Tebow.

I do want to say that we appreciate and respect Kyle Orton tremendously as a quarterback and by no means do we intend to demean or slight Orton as Tebow fans.  And I really feel for him considering he had to go out there each week knowing that the entire city was calling for Tebow to play.  It really is not personal Kyle, you’re one heck of a football player.

One of the things I have found particularly ridiculous are the constant cheap shots Tebow detractors have been taken throughout this whole Orton-Tebow debacle, both at Tebow himself and his many fans, saying “Tebow’s a joke and will never make it in the NFL and everyone calling for his instatement are ignorant so and so’s who know nothing about football.”  I want to say to them, as Tebow fans we are not delusional, we know he’s got a long way to go and a lot of improvement to undergo.  We know right now he’s not the best QB in the league, we know that.  The reason we’re rooting for him and want him to play is because he is a proven winner and we know that given the time to develop he will find great success in the NFL.  I just find it so surprising that his detractors are writing him off, and he’s not even had one full season of playing in the NFL.  He just got out of college, and has spent all of his two years in the league on the sidelines, so why so quick to pan him?  Seems very unjustified to me.

Many people forget that Kobe Bryant used to be on the bench for the Lakers for many years before he became the Kobe we know today.  So was Derek Fisher.  Aaron Rogers was very poor QB when he first started in the NFL as a back-up to Brett Favre but he got better over time—more than five years.  There are many great sports stars who weren’t always that good when they first started in the big leagues, but they grew and got better over time.  As Tebow fans, we know that is needed for him too—we’re not delusional.  But he’s proven himself before so we have no reason to doubt him.  We know he’ll do great things.  And we can’t wait to watch him sling it every Sunday for a long time to come.


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