Response is in my mind one of the best Phil Wickham albums to date.  And his voice shines with particularly brilliance on this album. Response is quickly becoming one of my favorite albums of this year. Phil Wickham actually surprised me, because I did not expect Response to be this good.  The lyrics are some of the most meaningful lyrics I’ve heard in a very long time. This album is filled with emotion and it just seeps out through every single song. Each song sounds unique and each song sends chills up your spine because of how powerful it is. You will quickly fall in love with this album.
“Heaven Fall Down” is a great song to start the album off with. Some albums (like this one) start off the album with an amazing song that really sets the mood for the rest of the album, then there are some albums that start off with a song that has nothing to do with the concept of the album and it really starts the album off on a bad note. Phil Wickham did a great job of selecting this song to be the first track you hear on Response. The chorus has as much emotion as every single song by Hillsong combined. I love it when you can literally feel the emotion in a song. You feel as if you are there with Phil Wickham when you listen to “Heaven Fall Down.” His heart’s song becomes your heart’s song. He says, “We’re crying out in desperation for You!” Listen to it a couple of times, and this line will make you get down on your knees in reverence for God.

I really love the track “One God.” This song really makes me feel empowered. When he says, “Wonderful Savior from death you rise,” it makes me feel like I can do anything. The whole song reminds me that God is there in everything and He reigns over all. Think about it, he says, “Father of mercy You break the chains, now there is victory in Jesus’ name!” God is there for us. This song has amazing lyrics and also a nice beat to go with it.

The first single from the album “At Your Name (Yahweh, Yahweh)” is a nice melodic song. It is one of those songs that helps to close your eyes and really revel in the music and his voice. This song talks about how majestic our Lord and Savior is. Just close your eyes and listen to it and think of all He has done for you. You will quickly be filled with awe for our Savior.

“Sun and Moon” is a great ballad between Phil and God. He says that if God is the sun then he wants to be the moon because he wants to reflect Him. It is such a beautiful song that really captures the heart of most Christians. Lecrae said the same thing a while back in DJ Official’s song “Show Off.” I absolutely love that analogy, and I think Phil Wickham has probably done it the best in song that I have ever heard.

Response is a beautiful album that I am quickly growing to love. Phil Wickham knows how to craft words and make them sound more beautiful than anything you have ever heard. This album is definitely his best so far. Every single song on the album is worth listening to. If you like worship music, then this is the album for you. It has the most meaningful lyrics of any CD to come out this year. You will be blown away.

Favorite Song: Sun and Moon

Favorite Lyrics: “Take these hands, I know they’re empty but with You they can be used for beauty in Your perfect plan. All I am is yours.” (From the song “All I Am”)


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