Would You Like To Help Me Create 20-Minute Pilot For A Christian-Produced Sitcom?

I love sitcoms.  Seinfeld, Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond, Frasier, King of Queens—newer ones like Til Death etc. you name it, I love them all.  And I’ve been having this cool desire to create a sitcom that will be done by Christians, it won’t be a “Christian sitcom” it will be a normal sitcom that is family-friendly and free from so much of Hollywood’s propaganda stuff that permeates so much of sitcoms nowadays. The format as this stage is an open book (meaning undecided), I can create a sitcom episode with 4 friends, married couples whatever.  All that matters is that it will be hilarious.

But before we can raise more money from friends to do maybe 4 episodes later, for now I will need to do a 20-minute first episode that will be a called a pilot.  We’ll then show the pilot to people and ask them to help us to create more episodes.

But to create a pilot we’ll need a few things:

1.  We’ll need to hire a production company for maybe 3 days to a week, to film it for us (this will cost about $10,000)

2.  We’ll need to rent a studio

3.  Build sets

4.  Hire actors

5.  Feed the actors and crew

6.  Hire hair and make-up people

7.  We’ll need to hire an editor to do post-production

All these things would cost money, but if we can get like say 500 -1,000 people who say, “I would love to see this come to life, count me in. I can kick in $20,” then we could do it.

If this is something you’d be interested in getting on bored with drop me a line seinfeldfan2006@yahoo.com and once we have 500 – 1,000 people who say they’d love to kick in $20 one time then we’ll do it.  And it can easily be done by April 2012.

How Joining In Will Work:

If you email me and say, “count me in,” we’ll wait till the number of supporters has grown to more than 500 people.  And once we have more than 500 people (this could easily take like 3-4 months to achieve).  I will send out an email to all the supporters saying, “we’ve reached our required number, you can now go to our website to donate.  thanks.” Then you donate it, and we’ll do it.

You could come visit us on set, maybe even be in it as a minor actor or background etc. we could possibly also host a viewing party of all our supporters once its finished.  And you can be in the live audience the night we film it.


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