HILLSONG LIVE Preparing For The Live Album Recording For Their 2012 Album TOGETHER AS ONE This Sunday Night In Australia (PICTURES)

As I reported here a few days ago, the Hillsong Live team, along with all their superstars, are hard at work preparing for Sunday night’s live album recording for their 2012 album TOGETHER AS ONE. The live recording will taking place this Sunday, October 30, 2011.  And in an attempt to check in on rehearsals that are going on full steam this week, I’ve had to keep tabs on a number of the Hillsong team’s twitter accounts.  The great news is I was not disappointed.  Many of the different well-known worship leaders and songwriters like Reuben Morgan and Ben Fielding and so on, have all posted various pictures.  Here they are.

@DavidjandrewDavid Andrew
Wednesday night dress rehearsal for #togetherasonepic.twitter.com/qRNt0H3y

@Stian_KStian Kjellstadli
Team Night at #hillscampuspreparing for #togetherasone this Sunday 4pm Allphones Arenainstagr.am/p/RgAkg/

@Ben_FieldingBen Fielding
Choir rehearsal.. Sounds absolutely amazing! #togetherasoneyfrog.com/ntxoolj

@AranPuddleAran Puddle
#togetherasone worship night is going to God glorifying and all time! Get here if u can or pray and worship with instagr.am/p/Rf-y_/

#togetherasone If you only knew what is in store you would do EVERYTHING you could to be there Sunday pminstagr.am/p/RgG7Q/

@hillsongliveHillsong LIVE
Four days to go! —Our team in rehearsals –> #TogetherAsOnelockerz.com/s/150302190

@reuben_morganReuben Morgan
Getting ready for this – draft 1#TogetherAsOneyfrog.com/h8fr6jgzj

Below Is The Live Album Recording Video Promo.



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