Roman Inc. and lovethislife sign licensing agreement

Roman, Inc., a leader in the giftware industry, signed a licensing agreement with lovethislife debuting January 2012, to design and distribute everyday gift product.

In 2012, Roman’s lovethislife® line will offer an assortment of gift products that remind us to celebrate the moment. New offerings include: wall plaques, ornaments, jewelry, frames, and mugs, to name a few.

“Roman has been part of a long emerging trend of verse and/or message-related products. lovethislife, though completely different for Roman, falls right into this trend where the inspiring messages are about ‘you and your path in life.’ Messages are embedded into ‘swag’ organic art placed on updated functional items. This brand hit the market eight years ago with some heavy hitter celebrities making the emotional connection, which spurred its popularity. The logo icon is subtle, but for lovethislifers, easily recognized. The brand sees no age limit and is marketed to young and old at heart,” says Marje Reed, director of product development.

lovethislife originated as the name of musician/producer David Culiner’s one-man Malibu-based band until he realized the parameters of what constitutes a ‘band’ could be expanded to invite creators from all fields to adapt their passions and offerings to the spirit of ‘lovethislife.’ lovethislife as a lifestyle brand launched January 2003 via women and men’s apparel to measure viability of lovethislife’s appeal & resonance for future goods & services. The premium-priced apparel line continues to flourish and serve as the primary revenue stream and brand extension for lovethislife. The passion for writing and producing music remains the core essence of lovethislife.


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