Former Arizona Cardinals Quarterback KURT WARNER To TIM TEBOW: ‘Calm Down With All The God And Jesus Stuff’



Former Superbowl MVP and devout Christian Kurt Warner, remarked in a recent interview that Tim Tebow take it easy with all the God stuff every time.  Speaking to the Arizona Republic, Warner said,

“You can’t help but cheer for a guy like that, but I’d tell him, ‘Put down the boldness in regards to the words, and keep living the way you’re living. Let your teammates do the talking for you. Let them cheer on your testimony.’

“I know what he’s going through, and I know what he wants to accomplish, but I don’t want anybody to become calloused toward Tim because they don’t understand him, or are not fully aware of who he is. And you’re starting to see that a little bit.”


Since officially becoming a starter in the NFL Tebow has gotten known for his praying on the sidelines, his frequent references to Jesus in interviews, and praying with players from opposing teams after games.  While many Christians laud Tim for his bold stance, many are questioning the wisdom of this approach.

But Warner’s advice to Tebow is to limit that outward expression of religion on the field to avoid alienating coaches, players and fans and instead the right time to share his message.

“There’s almost a faith cliche, where (athletes) come out and say, ‘I want to thank my Lord and savior,’ Warner told the Republic. “As soon as you say that, the guard goes up, the walls go up, and I came to realize you have to be more strategic.

“The greatest impact you can have on people is never what you say, but how you live…. You set the standard with your actions. The words can come after.”


What do you think of Warner’s comments?  Is he correct or mistaken on what Tebow’s doing?


Tim Tebow prays with members of both teams after their overtime win against the San Diego Chargers.



5 Comments to “Former Arizona Cardinals Quarterback KURT WARNER To TIM TEBOW: ‘Calm Down With All The God And Jesus Stuff’”

  1. Tim Tebow is a hero and inspiration for all Christians! It takes a real man to do what he does in a world that promotes secularism.

  2. No he is not! The time for the lead by example christian is over it is time to give god the glory loudly and proudly. Watch football and kurt along time, before I ever knew he was a believer. There truely is a place for both might be kurt is a little upset at himself for not being more outspoken.

  3. Definitely agree with you guys. Tebow is truly an inspiration and a great light for Christ in our culture. I am for Tim Tebow.

  4. “Wow I’ve got to tell you that when i heard that Kurt Warner said that to Tim Tebow it really broke my heart. I thought that Kurt was a real christian i mean i even have his jersey. I completely disagree with Kurt, Tim Tebow is a great example and a great person and i really appreciate what he is doing and i think every one should try to act as Tim is. KEEP IT UP TIM!!!!!

  5. Great to hear from you anonymous. I definitely understand why Kurt’s words broke your heart. Tebow is such a rare light in culture its unreal.

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