CHRIS TOMLIN Starts Work On His New Album

Word on the street—the internet street that is—is that Chris Tomlin is starting work on his new album this week.  This wee bit of information was originally leaked by Shelly Giglio, the headmistress in charge over at sixstepsrecords (lower case. all one word).  When she tweeted last night:

RT @lauragilder: Lifting up @christomlin @mattgilder @carsondaniel@tlnunn @reverendreeves @jason_ingram as they begin the new record //me2!

 Tomlin himself confirmed the news by tweeting today:
“Today begins recording of our new record. Not gonna stop til its right. Gonna give God our best!”

This usually means they will holed up in Tomlin’s White Cabin Studio in Atlanta for the next several weeks recording the album.  I don’t know if they have all the songs written and they are just recording or whether they are writing and recording all in one.

According to reports the most celebrated Christian Worship songwriter you’ve never heard of, Jason Ingram, is also coming down from Nashville to join the Tomlin crew in Atlanta for the making of the new record.  Jason is the mind behind some of the biggest Christian worship songs released recently by Hillsong Live, Passion Albums, and Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman songs, to name a few.  There are hundreds more artists he’s worked with in the last couple of years.  The guy’s a beast of a songwriter, he probably’s going to fly down to Australia once he’s done with Chris Tomlin, to go and write for the Hillsong Live crew for their new album they’ll be recording in November later this year.  And as if that’s not enough, he’s also the lead singer of One Sonic Society, the new band that some of the former members of Delirious formed in Nashville.

Ingram tweeted earlier today:

“And now off to Atlanta to work with @christomlin on a new album. On the alter of our praise let there be no higher name, Jesus Son of God!  I’m off to ATL tomorrow for most of April to work on an album.”

There’s some magic happening in the suburbs people.
I’m guessing Tomlin’s album will be released in November later this year.

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