THE DAVID CROWDER BAND Former Members Release First Taste Of Their New Music

So as a die hard David Crowder Band fan I’ve mentioned before how sad I was to hear that they were breaking up.  But its been interesting to see how the break-up has panned out: basically it meant that David Crowder is going to start a new band simply called “Crowder,” and the rest of the band is going to start their own new band called “The Digital Age” and then there’s only one original DC*B band member who is unaccounted for: a Mr. Mike Hogan.  To be honest, it doesn’t matter to me how and where the chips fell, the only thing I’m happy about is these guys are still making music.

Now something I would be interested to see is which one of these 2 bands will get a record deal with Louie Giglio’s sixsteps records (lower case. all one word.//word up).  Since David Crowder’s been crazy busy doing events with Giglio it seems like a no-brainer that he’d sign with them again.  But we’ll see.

But the great news is—and the point of this post— is that ‘The Digital Age” has just unveiled their new website complete with videos of their new music so fans can get a sense of the new band’s sound.  Mike Dodson is the new lead singer.  And from what I’ve heard it sounds in terms of the sound and music very similar to DC*B which is pretty cool I think. You can check out the new website here and check out their 2 new videos below.


5 Responses to “THE DAVID CROWDER BAND Former Members Release First Taste Of Their New Music”

  1. I don’t think it sounds at all like the real “David Crowder”. The real David Crowder wasn’t all the techno stuff found in Remedy and Church Music. In fact, those two albums were extremely disappointing. David Crowder is acoustic driven which is why I think the band broke up. They just had different visions. Crowder was All I can Say-B Collision and Part of Remedy. The Digital Age guys were Church Music and some of Remedy. They tested the waters in Church Music and found that they liked that better. Crowder couldn’t do that because that’s not him. Hopefully his new band will stay true to their foundations.

  2. Interesting perspective Robert. Never thought of it like that. Really makes me wonder what role the differing ‘musical visions’ played in the break-up.

  3. I think we will never know this side of heaven. But I am betting the reality is a lot more dark and gritty than the reasons we were given. They picked up with their new bands too quickly after having cited the reasons below, none of which have to do with “differing musical visions.”

    “At the first of this year we began discussing what was next […] we also began conversations about what was to follow this sixth album. Some of us discussed maybe going back to school. Some of us talked about how great it might feel to be home with family more. Some mentioned maybe writing for a living, or at least getting to give more attention to it. Some talked about more music to be made and who they might enjoy making it with and how great it would be to have more diverse options open to them and the excitement they felt when thinking about those options (as in, if this was to be the period at the end of a sentence, they couldn’t wait to read the next paragraph!) And, out of these discussions, the decision was reached that this sixth album would be our last.”

    So the theory that Crowder was more acoustic, and the rest of the band minus Hogan were more electronic is pretty hollow, in my opinion. I think more likely is the simplest reading of their actions… they all wanted to keep making music except Hogan, and Crowder didn’t want to do it with them. And we’ll see if Hogan ever ended up becoming a writer, if that bit was indeed about him.

  4. Warren,

    You’re a like Christian music detective dude. I definitely think you’re on to something.


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