In case you don’t know who Britt Merrick is, a little intro is in order.  Britt Merrick first gained popularity as the son of legendary Surf Board maker Al Merrick, founder of Channel Islands Surf Boards who makes surf boards for some of the worlds best surfers.  Britt gained a following after leaving a senior level in his dad’s company to become a pastor, planting Reality Church in California.  But his popularity soared after the tragic story of his 5-year-old daughter being diagnosed with cancer spread around the world after Merrick started a blog chronicling his daughter’s battle called  Also releasing a book called “Big God.”  Ever since Christians near and far have rallied around Daisy and the Merrick family, sharing in the highs and lows.  Over the last 3 years since Daisy’s diagnosis her cancer had gone into remission resurfaced and gone into remission again.

But a few days ago Britt Merrick shared an emotional video message with his church announcing that Daisy’s cancer is back for a third time and this time the outlook is not good.  In the video he also said that he will take an extended and indefinite leave of absence from his pastoral duties.  Our hearts go to out to Daisy and the entire Merrick time during this difficult time.



2 Responses to “BRITT MERRICK Tells REALITY CHURCH Daughter DAISY’S Cancer Is Back (VIDEO)”

  1. Pastor Britt, my name is Eddie Cardenas. My email address is
    I know a brother in Christ who has the gift of healing please email me for the brother’s contact information.
    God bless, I pray your beautiful little girl, is healed.


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