SHANE HIPPS Leaving Mars Hill Church In Grand Rapids, MI

Only a few months after Rob Bell left his role as founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, his replacement, Shane Hipps, announced on his blog a few days ago that he is leaving the church too.  According to his blog post it seems like the main problem was that the elders of the church wanted Hipps to increase his amount of preaching from 25 Sundays a year, to 40 Sundays a year.  And that, it seems, was a deal-breaker for Hipps.  When he was first hired by Mars Hill he came on board as a co-teaching pastor, meaning that he would share preaching responsibilities with Rob Bell.  But after Bell left, Shane wanted to continue this arrangement, while the elders felt it was time for him to increase his preaching responsibilities in the wake of Bell’s departure.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Shane during this time of transition, and all of us here at Awaken Generation pray God blesses all his future endeavors.


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