Louie Giglio Is Getting A Taste Of Life As A Big Name Christian Celebrity Pastor With All Kinds Of Media Attacks

Just one day after news broke that Louie Giglio, popular speaker, founder of the Passion Conferences and pastor of Passion City Church in Atlanta, GA, was asked to pray at the inauguration of President Barack Obama the bashing and name-calling has already begun by some mainstream and online news outlets.

Giglio appeared on CNN yesterday where the host announced that Louie was asked to pray at the inauguration, and with that it seems he’s exposure in news outlets have increased dramatically with some outlets immediately calling him “anti-this and anti-that” and one even calling him “Rick Warren’s evil twin.”

This is the lot of every Christian leader it seems who seems to break through into the main stream.  People like Rick Warren, TD Jakes, Mark Driscoll have all experienced the hell of having their  name slandered in the media, and for a long time it seemed that Louie was flying under the radar but now it seems that his celebrity has increased to the degree that mainstream and online news outlets not only know about him but consider him worth “reporting” about.

This is definitely one of the things that breaks my heart for these up and coming pastors and christian leaders more than anything.  It seems like once you cross a certain celebrity line as a christian leader the majority of the publicity you get is negative with all kinds of name-calling and character smearing etc.

Lets pray for Louie and the many others like him who are up against a barrage of uncontrolled negative publicity as they seek to live out Christ’s call in this generation.

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