Darlene Zschech Hits A Home-Run With Her New Worship Album Revealing Jesus



So this past week I got a hold of famed Hillsong Live Worship Leader Darlene Zschech’s brand new worship album “Revealing Jesus” which released two months ago March 19 with Integrity Music. And I have to say I am blown away at how good it is.  Its undoubtedly one of my favorite worship albums of the past 2 years. I’ve got no issue telling you that when I first got the CD I didn’t expect much.  And when I gave the first 3 songs a listen the first time, my suspicions were confirmed.  Nothing special here.


Except that I couldn’t get the refrain from the opening track “God Is Here” out of my heard.  I went back the next day and listened to the song again and was like wow this an awesome song.  And so begun me starting over with this album.  I listened to the whole album, and by the 6th track I was just so taken aback with how good the album is.  And my biggest, most persistent thought was how come Darlene doesn’t release an album like this every year !!!!!  The songs are brilliant, the lyrics searching and beautifully intimate.  My favorite tracks are “God Is Here” “Magnificent” and “The Cry Of The Broken.”


Something really cool that I didn’t know about the album is that it wasn’t recorded in Australia, it was actually recorded live at Church Of The Highlands in Alabama.  I can assure you, if you’re thinking about getting this album, you will be kicking yourself that you didn’t get it sooner, it’s that good!!! Well Done Darlene, Well Done.  Hopefully, you won’t deprive us too long, of your incredible gift.



‘Revealing Jesus’ Track Listing:
1. God Is Here
2. Best for Me
3. All That We Are
4. In Jesus’ Name
5. Your Presence Is Heaven
6. Victor’s Crown
7. Yours Forever
8. Magnificent
9. My Jesus I Love Thee (I Love You Jesus)
10. Your Name/Cry of the Broken
11. I Am Yours
12. Jesus at the Centre






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