B&H Publishing Group announces Jim Baird as VP of B&H Academic, WORDsearch, and CrossBooks

Selma Wilson, B&H Publishing Group president, announced a strategic shift that will incorporate three of the organization’s key consumer brands under the oversight of Jim Baird, who has led B&H Academic since 2008.

In his new role, Baird will manage B&H Academic, WORDSearch, and CrossBooks with a team comprised of Paul Mikos, who will set strategy for CrossBooks, and Chris Cowan, who will set strategy for B&H Academic.

“Jim’s background and experience in the academic, software, publishing, ministry and business arenas make him uniquely gifted for this role,” Wilson said. “His leadership both internally and externally has helped build B&H Academic as a recognized leader amongst authors and scholars.”

LifeWay acquired the Bible software solutions WORDsearch and QuickVerse in 2011. WORDhas been a provider of Bible study software since 1987, offering over 4,800 Bibles and books that make study faster, easier and more enjoyable. As part of the WORDsearch family of software, QuickVerse has been known for over 20 years as an affordable, easy-to-use Bible software program that can be found in more Christian bookstores and retail outlets than any other Bible software.

Baird sees a natural alignment between B&H Academic and Wordsearch. “As a WORD consumer for many years, I know from experience that we serve well those who teach and preach. We are able to reach the masses through all forms of technology including desktop, iOS app, cloud and coming soon the Android app,” Baird said.

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