Popular Reality L.A. Pastor, Tim Chaddick, To Release New Book BETTER: HOW JESUS SATISFIES THE SEARCH FOR MEANING September 2014

Tim Chaddick, author and pastor of Reality LA, one of the fastest growing churches in the heart of Hollywood, announces the release of BETTER: How Jesus Satisfies the Search for Meaning. Hitting stores nationwide on September 1, 2013 through David C. Cook, Chaddick’s latest project addresses questions we often avoid but inevitably must ask while unveiling the answers to anyone asking the “Why” questions of life.

In Better, Chaddick unpacks the ancient wisdom of Ecclesiastes and wrestles with the hardest questions of life. He exposes the western myth that tells us we can be happy if only we get a bigger house, buy a better car, or follow our dreams. Better unveils an alternative way by pointing to answers from the heart of God. In Better, readers will find a vision of life that is neither naïve nor cynical, but realistic and hopeful.

“As a pastor in Los Angeles I come face-to-face with the harsh reality of the quest for success and fulfillment,” says Chaddick. “The woman in tears whose acting career is over because the other actresses always stand out more. The frustrated man who gained recognition for his musical talents but is now in danger of losing his record deal. I see the constant anxiety that stems from unmet expectations in a culture that promises so much. I know that you will face detours and dead ends-and it’s possible that life may not work out the way you hoped-but I also know that you can still enjoy peace and joy in this world.”

Filled with Chaddick’s personal stories, Better follows the journey of the ancient author of Ecclesiastes, taking readers on the mother of all road trips. Referred to as the “Question Maker,” Chaddick admits that the ancient author is provocative, seeking to make sense out of what he sees in this world before bringing God into the conversation.

“This is where most of us begin when we write our life-script anyway,” says Chaddick. “Most of us work out what we want in life before adding God on as an afterthought, viewing Him as some kind of cosmic vending machine here to help us accomplish what really matters in life.”

Better serves as a roadmap so that each person can have his or her life story redemptively rewritten as it guides readers through three main categories of life before arriving at the final destination. These three categories include aspirations (what we expect out of life), assets (how we use some of the things we have in life) and attitudes (how we respond to what life gives us). Addressing key life issues such as money, work, sex, relationships, anxiety, power and religion, Chaddick helps readers make the connection between these issues and the rest of Scripture.

BETTER: How Jesus Satisfies the Search for Meaning
By: Tim Chaddick
David C Cook
Trade Paper
Page Count: 224 pgs.
Firm On-Sale Date: September 1, 2013
ISBN- 978-1434705235
Price: $14.99

About Tim Chaddick
Tim Chaddick currently serves as the pastor for preaching and vision at Reality LA, which is one of the fastest growing churches in the heart of Hollywood, California with approximately 4,000 people. Tim’s teaching podcasts and Sunday morning sermons are massively popular on their web site, and from iTunes, having been downloaded millions of times. Tim has spoken at Calvary Chapel events, Gospel Coalition events, is on the steering team for Reality, along with pastors Britt Merrick, and Dave Lomas. He and his wife Lindsey live in the Silver Lake neighborhood of Los Angeles with their three daughters.

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