What In The World Happened To Aaron Schust?

Every now and then – maybe every 1, 2, 3 , 4 , 5, 6, 7, 14 —maybe 50 years an artist comes along who so embodies the very definition of talent and goodwill, and sometimes when we’re lucky they’re even Christian artists.  And to me Aaron Schust was one such one artist.  Plucked from the squalor of utter obscurity and thrust in to the limelight, headlining the Grammy Awards, having lunch with the president, getting a personal tour of the moon, Aaron rose to the highest ranks of Christian music royalty. Remember the gold ole days when you were blaring “My Savior My God” in the car, other people thought you were crazy, but to you life was all of a sudden, in the blink of an eye . . . alright.  Now to be fair you never bought the whole Aaron Schust album, just that single but still   . . . the world was alright.  But then as fast as the new promise of Aaron Schust arrived it seems to have  . . . dare I say it—vanished.  Which brings me to my question—what in the world happened to Aaron Schust? Or should I say where in the world is aaron schust? Or should I have capitalized those proper nouns? What happened man?  Anyone? Aaron you there?  I don’t understand.  I want more songs like “My Savior My God.”  I refuse to call you a one hit wonder, because there’s got to be more man.  Let us know – where’s the new album, the latest cool single that’s a remixed, coolerized version of a dusty hymn.

Just sayin’.

Any takers want to let me know what happened to Shust or what you think about this whole line of questioning.

Be bold.  Comment.  Forget about your worries and your strife.

13 Comments to “What In The World Happened To Aaron Schust?”

  1. Hey,

    Still here. 🙂 I have 2 dusty hymns that are undusted on my new album.

    Thanks for your support.
    To God alone be the glory.
    I deserve none. 🙂

  2. He’s very well. Thanks for asking with such heartwarming sensitivity. His new album is amazing.

    A tip for the future that may help you… http://www.google.com. Perhaps you could start with googling the lyrics & getting to know the God they are about. Just a suggestion.

    Keep up the great work, champ.

  3. I never felt like Aaron went away. 🙂 He’s still here and going strong for God! And, he’s representing Western PA very well. 🙂 God bless you Aaron and thanks for sharing your gift with us.

  4. Yeah, too bad you haven’t had anything decent since then, Aaron. 😉

    We all know that’s not the case. Keep on serving the Lord and writing great music! And keep on giving God the glory.

  5. Wow…cant believe someone would think he vanished! Aaron is only the best Christian singer ever! Love his music. God bless you Aaron!!! Oh, and Its “Shust”……fyi

  6. Aaron Shust has a new album coming out in a few days! (I can’t wait!)
    He has a great new single, My Hope is in You. It’s a great song.
    He’s touring with downhere and Jason Gray this fall.

    You should try Liking his page on Facebook or going to his website on occasion!

  7. I thank God you are wrong and that Aaron is very much around and writing awesome songs we can all relate to.

  8. He just came out with a new album. Coming out on 23rd of August.. Just went to his concert yesterday and bought the new album that you can’t even get on iTunes yet. Really awesome. Love it, especially the song “my hope is in you” and “sing of my redeemer”

  9. Wait, are you serious? As soon as I heard Aaron’s music I bought every album in it’s entirety! Every single song is a favorite of mine, and MSMG is just one of them! If you haven’t heard the rest of them, you are missing out my friend. Aaron is my all time favorite artist of any genre.

  10. Growing up saved all my life I have been to my fair share of Christian concerts and I have to say Aaron’s was one of…no, the only one that I felt the TANGIBLE presence of God…that was a year ago…:) He is alive, kicking and if you think My Savior, My God was good….O man, have you been missin out! His last CD was amazing and I am extremely excited about his new one dropping on Tuesday!:)

  11. Hey Aaron,

    So good to hear from you man. I had no idea you had such loyal and vocal fans. Just to be clear guys, I was just kidding around with this post. It was all in jest. I love Aaron Shust. Yeah, and I had some fun with the spelling of the last name too.


  12. Aaron has been busy being a good son, father, husband and Church Worship Leader. By the way he has a new album which has been completed and is about to be released; and that’s while he isn’t flying from city to city and state to state putting on shows and performing at different venues. He has a new single out called ” My Hope Is In You.” you should check it out.

  13. Just saw him in concert August 19, 2011, at Lake Stevens, and I have to tell you, the man is awesome. I believe in my heart he was handpicked by God, and inspired to sing the music and the lyrics he sings. He has a wonderful warm heart, and he is very passionate about his beliefs. I thank God for him every day. My grandson Devin walked away from that concert with a stronger belief in God, and all he could talk about was Aaron, and what he thinks about God. Now, that is awesome.

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