Is Daniel Bashta The Next Chris Tomlin?

You know, one thing that’s really interesting about people and bands who end up becoming legends, is that for most of them when they first released their songs that would become classics later on, those same songs were not popular when they were first released.  Its like they had to work in the shadows for a long time, and it took the culture and marketplace 15 years to catch on to them.  This was the case with Bob Marley.  The songs we love most by Marley were not popular when he first released them.

Its for this reason that as a little hobby, I like to find undiscovered up-and-coming artists who I think have the ability to become really big, but discover them before everyone else does.  One of the first people I thought this of was Phil Wickham.  After seeing him perform live like 5 years ago I was blown away at his talent, and surprised that more people have not heard his music or seen him live.  The second person I’m thinking this of now is Daniel Bastha.  A worship leader based in Atlanta, GA who is signed to Integrity Music, Bashta has released 2 albums on Integrity to date, with his latest album, THE INVISIBLE, released only a few months ago in February 2013.

I’ve been listening to The Invisible on repeat since I got it a few months ago, and to say that I’m impressed is a massive understatement.  This guy is something else man.  Out of the 10 tracks on the album, every song is a stand out, with 4 that tower above the rest in my opinion.  My favorite track is Great Is The Lord, and my second favorite track is Praise The Invisible, then the other 2 is I Want It All and Behold The Lamb.

I’m telling you, if you get a chance to grab this album, you won’t be sorry, and you’ll be surprised that he could’ve been flying under the radar for as long as he has.  I honestly think Daniel has the potential to be the next Chris Tomlin.

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