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  1. Hey there. Stumbled onto your blog and love it. Quick question. I am working on a project with Lara Landon, and I was wondering if you might consider posting/commenting about it. I can give you more info if you like, but the basic thought of the project tilted “I see God everywhere” is to encourage others through photography and the stories behind them.

  2. I have no reason to think I should post this request because I am not some “big muckety muck” in a church hierarchy that should be requesting something like this…but my heart just yearns to love Christ to the point that I love people as a family…I served at a shelter this weekend with a small group and felt such a void afterwards…I was serving them a meal but not spreading the Gospel…I was truly disconnected to them…as I feel oft times..and to listen to Francis Chan speak on “Experiencing The Transforming Power of God” use an anecdote of how a Los Angeles gang member who joined his church go back to his gang since it was more like family than the church, I am uneasy and so inhibited…I pray for someone like Francis Chan to bring this message to my church body, small as it may be, in hope that it would be an impetus for loving Christ, earnestly…not giving lip service to the title Christianity.

    Thanks for listening!

    My church is Mountain Lake Church in Gainesville, GA.

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