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November 16, 2011



Ron Luce, the founder and president of Teen Mania Ministries, has publicly criticized cable news network MSNBC in recent weeks for the recent airing of its documentary “Mind Over Mania” wherein the network explores some of the inner workings and allegations of former Teen Mania Honor Academy alumni.  Response to the documentary from past members about the portrayal of the ministry on TV has drawn both fierce criticism and praise.  Clearly there is a huge difference in opinion between past members about the impact of Teen Mania’s Honor Academy.

Luce accused the station of using misleading sound bites and clips of events to cast an inaccurate and clearly negatively biased view of the Texas-based ministry.  Saying, also that the network “lied to” and intentionally mislead Teen Mania staff and students about the goal of the documentary in order to gain access to interviews.

MSNBC has since fired back at Luce and Teen Mania, saying all allegations against their practices and documentary are false and unfounded. “MSNBC strongly disagrees with Mr. Luce’s characterization that what was broadcast in Mind Over Mania was inaccurate. MSNBC did not approach Mr. Luce and his group under false pretenses and we have shared those thoughts with Mr. Luce,” the network was quoted as saying.  The documentary features Honor Academy alumni who say the program was more damaging than positive.

Viewer responses to the documentary on social networking sites have been divided and conflicted.  With some praising the documentary and others lamenting what they view as obvious media bias.  Teen Mania, has also released a statement saying, they “welcome any question of our motives and our methods in communicating the gospel of Jesus Christ and are dedicated to using feedback to create a better experience for the young people we serve, but MSNBC’s Mind Over Mania segment ultimately takes issue with the fact that many of the Biblical tenets celebrated in Christianity are at odds with our current culture.”

The debate continues.