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February 4, 2011


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I saw this hilarious story that Donald Miller tells about the day he received a box of copies of his first book from his publisher. Hilarity ensues.


I’d spent a year or so writing my first book, and it was coming out early in 2000. I had the first copies sent to Texas where I’d be spending Christmas. My family knew I had a book coming out, but they didn’t think they’d see it for months. I received a box Federal Express and hid it in the trunk of the car I was using. I was dying to take a look at it, but there were too many people around. Finally, I ran an errand (my Mother sent me to Wal Mart to return something) and when I got there I opened the trunk, and the box, and reached in for a copy of my book. It looked great. I’d helped design the cover and I was proud of it. Anyway, I went into the store, flipping through pages and smelling the ink. Then I got in line to return whatever it was I was returning and I started reading. My favorite lines in the book were in the last few paragraphs, a scene in which my friend Paul and I walk into the meadow at Black Butte Ranch to watch sunrise one last time before we head different directions for the summer. And that’s when I saw the type-o.

The line was supposed to read:

“We were walking into the meadow. I was walking with my hands in my pockets.”

And instead said:

“We were walking into the meadow. I was walking with my hands in his pockets.”


I actually laughed it was so funny. It’s even funnier if you try to imagine the scene playing out that way.





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