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February 4, 2011

THE POWER OF ONE LIFE : Rick Warren, Albert Mohler, Louie Giglio and Shane Claiborne Blow My Mind





I have a truth to reveal.


I am a people watcher.  I thrive on looking at the lives of other people who just blow my mind and inspire me to be great in this generation.


I love reading autobiographies, biographies, memoirs and biographical documentaries and books that are about the lives of people especially high achievers, business icons, leadership experts etc..  I read wikipedia pages of people everyday, all day.


Nothing inspires me more than the life example of other world changers.


Here Are Some of The People Who’s Lives I Watch or Continue To Study:


1.  Rick Warren

2.  John Maxwell

3.  R. Albert Mohler Jr.

4.  Billy Graham (& Franklin Graham))

4.  Louie Giglio

5.  Shane Claiborne

6.  Richard Branson

7.  Michael Dell

8.  Charlie Wilson

9.  Dave Ferguson


And I’m sure I’ll think of others after this post . . .



Who are the people you look to for inspiration and who inspire you to be great?