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February 6, 2011

Erwin McManus Pastor Mosaic L.A. Author Unstoppable Force Chasing Daylight The Barbarian Way Wide Awake Shares Why The Church Needs To Become Less Self-Centered And More Generous

Popular speaker and author Erwin Mcmanus shared some powerful insights recently about why the Church needs to become less self-centered.

When asked why he thought so many Churches in America struggle with declining numbers, McManus answered:


“My primary assessment would be because American Christians tend to be incredibly self-indulgent so they see the church as a place there for them to meet their needs and to express faith in a way that is meaningful for them,” said cultural architect Erwin McManus, lead pastor at Mosaic Church in Los Angeles, to The Christian Post Monday.

“There is almost no genuine compassion or urgency about serving and reaching people who don’t know Christ,” he added.


Wow. Ouch.  Amen.  All together.


You can read the whole article here.



February 4, 2011


I’ve been reading Erwin McManus’ “CHASING DAYLIGHT” the past few days, and he wrote something about character that I really liked.


He says :

“There are endless possibilities waiting for us [in life] .  And much of the life that God longs for us to live is just one choice away, [yet] so much of the fullness that Jesus promises us is lost at the character level.  When we sacrifice our character, when we choose a path that lacks integrity, we are trying to take life into our own hands.  It is a declaration that we do not trust the way of God.”