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February 6, 2011

Bestselling Christian Artist & Worship Leader Chris Tomlin Talks About Getting Married & Wedding His Wife Lauren & New Album And If Our God Is For Us – Our God I Will Follow You I Will Rise



Chris Tomlin - I Will Follow [Single] (2010)




So you’ve had a busy week! Wanna share a highlight with us?

Chris: Well there’s a little something called getting married. It’s a little side project I’ve been working on (haha). No, seriously, it trumps everything. It’s awesome. That’s been a long time coming for me.

Big wedding? Small wedding? And be honest—were you nervous?

Chris: It was a small wedding—just our families and some close friends. I was a little nervous, mainly thinking ‘I want to get this right.’ But it’s been awesome so far. She’s amazing.

Your publicist was joking about how timely it was to get married right at the release of the new album. But looking back on your year, it doesn’t seem like there was much down time anywhere! Not only is your new project out… you also just received a huge honor for your previous one [Hello Love]. What has it been like to achieve something like that.

Chris: Yes… Hello Love going gold is quite humbling and I’m thankful and continually amazed by that. Particularly in these days and times… how music is sold. That’s very rare. So I’m like, ‘Wow! What in the world?’

Given the success of that project, how do you feel about the new direction the new album goes sonically?

Chris: We’ve definitely moved forward in the way that it sounds and people are responding. They’re saying, ‘Man this is different and it’s exciting.’ Or ‘Man this is different and I don’t like it.’ But at least they’re saying it’s different and I like that. It’s been ten years since I released my first record. After ten years, it’s easy to set cruise control and make songs that people will like or not because they liked [or didn’t like] my past music, but I’m not looking at that. I’m not just banking on making songs that are going to find a way to be a voice for the people in the church. And they’re just as exciting and powerful as those in the past. I’m really thankful for those in the past and what kind of doors it’s opened up for me and Passion and our church. Music is the universal language of the world. It’s really cool to be writing songs to give people the words to say what their hearts are feeling.

I love the new takes on production. And I know [producer] Ed Cash (Bebo Norman, Matt Wetz, and others) brought a lot to the table in terms of different musical structures. But the message is still pretty much the same… songs speaking to the church. I’m guessing that’s very intentional.

Chris: There are so many important songs for the church. That hasn’t changed at all. I haven’t gone into a new world of music or different genre. I’m still doing the same thing, which I’m excited about. I don’t want to leave people behind. This is what God’s given us. I want to do something that’s exciting and great to listen to, but also what hits the heart of worship and worshipping.

You’ve always been clear that, to you, worship is absolutely a lifestyle and not just a genre or a set up on a stage somewhere. Now that you’re married and have a new role as leader of your household, how do you plan on bringing that sense of worship into your home?

Chris: I ran into this worship leader in Brazil this year and we were talking about my upcoming wedding. I remember him looking at me and saying (through a translator), ‘If you can’t lead your own bride, you definitely can’t lead the bride of Christ.’ That’s what it’s about. Hopefully I can be the same to her as I would be on the stage.

The album is called, And If Our God is For Us. That entire phrase: ‘And if our God is for us, then who could ever stop us?’ is so encouraging and delivered with such conviction. But do you ever get in a place where it’s hard to believe that? In other words, has life… the real world… ever brought you to a point that shakes your certainty of God’s sovereignty? Or, have you met other people in that same place? What do you say to yourself or them?

Chris: The beautiful thing is these songs are for the real world… and that’s what it’s all about. That’s scripture. God is for us whenever life comes at you. We do worship a God that’s greater than all things that could ever come against it. It’s not a matter of ‘our God can beat up your God.’ There’s none like Him. That’s what we put our trust and our hope in.